Wyze app 2.38 hotfix - Released 1/5/2023

Dark mode is not a small process, that one I cannot do.

I will forward the other issues you are seeing in the update to the team


For the timeout you mentioned. Could you please let me know how long it will timeout on your end when put into grouping view landscape? Thanks!


I am not seeing either of these issues (iPadOS 16.2, app I see a thin white border between cameras and around the edge. There is a wide top border, but that can be scrolled up. I am not having screen shut off while viewing the fourplex cam screen.


Same here in iPhone and iPad running iOS 15 and 16.

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But that was not there in the previous version. I don’y think we need the name of the group taking 10-15% of screen real estate on top. Why do we need to scroll to view the rest of the cameras at the bottom. Previous iteration allowed perfect view of four up cameras in landscape view. Also, when selecting a camera from group view then going back it takes you to a single view portrait mode instead back to group view.

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1/9/23 3:46 PM PT - We have received confirmation of a new app build that has a fix for the Error Code -1 iOS bug. We are currently waiting for it to go through code merge and QA review. Thank you for bearing with us as we work to resolve this problem.


Screen dims at 1 minute 45 seconds and screen completely turns off at 2 minutes. This never happened prior to this update. Keeping the app open, with the cameras on always left the screen on.

For the white borders, proof is here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CihPr4pqAnh8jLCy7

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I add my request to have this fixed. Very important….tlhutch4

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Don’t android dev settings force dark on all apps? Come on you guys can do it. Everyone is doing dark mode. I’d love to look at my broken error-1 cameras in dark mode not blinding white.

Is there an ETA for the fix?

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Update from my previous post:

I split the group of 16 cameras into two groups of 8 each, as a work-around to the 10 cam limit I described in the previous post. I fully expected both groups to work as one would expect, but much to my surprise, the issue still remains. After viewing one group of 8 cams, the second group of 8 loads only 2 of the 8 cams, with the remaining 6 stuck on "Loading Live Stream…”.

Has anyone else observed this behavior?

Just having the same issues. Cameras are not loading anymore ( in and out of groups) I have both android and iOS devices having difficultly loading live feeds.

This sucks any idea when the update will be released for this fix?

I also want to add that on top of -1 errors and useless new grid system for camera groups, now the camera view is freezing but it acts as if it is displaying live data from the camera. For example, I have 4 cameras and 1 of them was frozen but I didn’t even realize until I went where the camera was and noticed all the chaos I missed. I have already sent some debug data. Please look at this issue as well.

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How long before the fix is released??

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1/10/23 1:51 PM PT - Our QA team has verified the hotfix app version and we’re working on App Store review. Ideally, we’ll be releasing the fix for Error Code -1 tomorrow though it may release on Thursday instead. We’ll keep you posted about any changes.


Thanks Jason, that is a good news.


Yes! I noticed this as well

When I go to landscape view on my phone , the top of the screen has the white bar with the name of the group blocking the top of the phone screen and the cameras on the bottom get cut off in half .

this update messed up a lot of things

Not sure if it’s the same on the iPad as I haven’t updated it. Personally, I think that is a major user experience flaw = poor design.

EDIT: It defies viewing camera groups in four-up configuration.

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Yes, it’s the same on the iPad and it’s a real pain.

Anyone else tried to shop through app on iPhone? App now won’t let me shop just sits spinning on just about every item I want to look at.