Wyze app 2.38 hotfix - Released 1/5/2023

Is this update working and safe to install without causing OTHER disruption ?

Well to be honest with you I was just praising the other day how my cameras were loading up in a blink of an eye after the update I’m on an Android phone and now they’re back to being slow again maybe that helps out your answer lol

Thanks but your answer doesn’t really help as I am iOS. Thanks though

I know… I was just saying it might have helped iOS but it made my situation worse again,:joy:

Have been running update since just minutes after update came out for iPhone and no problems. Have 6 v3 cams.

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Everything seems to be working fine for me . I’m no longer getting any error code -1 when I open my camera group

It worked fine when I updated, no Error: (Code-1 ) on any of the cameras. It also seemed loading cameras to be faster. Since the interface wasn’t fixed, I rolled back to 2.38.2. Can’t stand the new interface.

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I also wish to go back to black borders in landscape mode on iPad

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If you want you can join the beta program and you can roll back the app to the latest known stable version that did not break the interface, until Wyze fixes the issue. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Since the update I have started to receive this now - attached - and cannot get the notification bell turned off the zz.
Also load times of the cameras in a group are irritatingly slow.
iPhone 12 Pro IOS 16.2

Evidently servers are down? App won’t load now.

Black borders great choice and can we have it so that the screen saver dosnt kick in as it keeps going into sleepy mode in camera view screen. Prior to the 2.38 Hotfix it never use to which was a great feature.

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Most likely your problem was due to this It should clear up soon if not already


Event deleting is jacked with this version on Android. If I filter the events list down to a single camera, watch a clip, delete that clip, the app now throws me back to the home screen. I then have to click on the events tab, scroll down to the oldest event again, watch that clip and if I delete it I am again kicked back to the home screen. Rinse and repeat for each and every event. Sometimes I am lucky and can delete two events before this happens, but never make it to three. Please resolve this issue in your next release.

1/14/2023 Edit:
I uninstalled the WYZE app from my phone and then rebooted my phone. I then downloaded and installed the current Android release 2.38.1 (161) and installed it. The issue I described above with the event list is gone. The application is performing much better overall as well. Next time I have app issues this will be my go to fix.

Once again Whyze pushes out GARBAGE APP, Really tired of the unprofessionalism of this company!

Device Groups over 10 cams, Cams 11 - 16 do not load in group view.
Older App version does work just fine.

Whyze really needs to quit updating the App with new problems.

Always Regret updating with Wyze, This version SUCKS

Update, went to APK Pure to get older Wyze APK, v2.38.0 (153)
And as expected the older version works just fine, Wyze You Really Suck…

I too am still on v2.38.0 (153) for Android. I have my Play Store settings set to “Don’t Auto Update Apps”. I won’t update Wyze Apps or camera firmware until I see positive feedback on the forum.

When I got home from work yesterday I opened up the app to check my cameras and none of them would load up it took forever but then I looked at my Wi-Fi connection and it was on the 2.4 gh so I changed it to the 5G and boom all 13 cameras loaded up in the blink of an eye so is it the app or is it the connection or is it a little bit of both. And I do notice when the weather is bad raining or very windy out the performance of the app goes way down so is it spectrum or is it the cameras I’m leaning towards the connection.

to get previous apk which has no group streaming problem !

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Last night when I went to bed I checked all my cameras settings because lately with new version on iPhone settings change mysteriously. Why does this new version keep shutting off the person, motion and cameras so I have NO events and NO notifications? Someone broke my garage window and stole some tools they could reach and the camera sitting literally 12 inches above the window recorded NO events. Neither did the two cameras set to record anyone walking up to garage and back porch. I have playback but the break in occurred during the night 5 hours ago. So the thief has 5 hours on me. Couldn’t recognize him from camera but if I would have had a notification he was there maybe I could have caught him. This new version inhales wind.

I just made a post about this in the wishlist (the post is waiting for approval), if you dont mind voting for a fix. This is incredibly annoying,

I don’t see it. Can you provide a link?