Wyze App 2.27 Released! 12/21/21

Monitoring Screen is blank again. 3:00 pm Wed 12/29!

This is exactly what is happening to my iPad running IOS 12.5.5. @WyzeGwendolyn Will this be fixed? Thank you.

I too am experiencing the “Open Speaker Failed” issue on my Wyze Video Doorbell. Currently I’m running Android version 12, with the 11/5/21 update.

It’s running firmware version on my doorbell, and the video below shows what happens when I try to activate the mic.

Now I tested my Wyze Cam Pan V2, it’s running firmware version I can activate the mic and no problems.

So, I’m guessing it’s an issue with either the doorbell firmware or the Wyze update. Either way, I’m not sure what my next steps are. Should I attempt to rollback the Wyze App, or reset the doorbell and just not update it?

Anyone have any ideas?

Yes, I submitted a log. and I deleted the log number.
I was not exp3cting any responses from Wyze.

Go to Account/Wyze Support/Log history.

All log numbers are kept there.


Log 417584

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I too have just submitted a log file, including a screen recording of the issue. Log File # is 417609

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Has anyone noticed their Cam Pan v1s reset themselves to HD video quality if they’d them set to lesser quality? Android app v2.27 seems to supersede my long-time SD setting for its own HD preference.

I’ve also applied the most recent .746 firmware update to them. However, since my Cam Pan v2s (which DIDN’T receive firmware recently) have also chosen HD (from SD) on their own, I’m leaning towards the app as culprit.

Wondering what’s become known or others’ experience?

I can confirm the new app crashes instantly under iOS 12. I am limited to iOS 12 max on my workhorse iPhone 6 plain. :neutral_face:

I see you have received a confirmation video.

found my log numbers

  1. no detections, clips
  2. MORE Power OFf failed operation
  3. volume (very low)

The boxes filled themselves back in again awhile later and it came back looking normal all by itself. There was no screen error message when it went blank again. Just these strange occurrences keep happening on that page. We’ll see how long it stays up this time. It works just fine . I used it today when I left the house for a couple of hours. Thanks for your interest and attention to this matter. Sheri Strauch

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My Wyze app updated automatically at some point. HMS shared. Thx Wyze!

Same problem here too, installed update 2.27 to the app and now I can’t use Wyze APP at all… Is it possible to install the previous version of the app on my iPhone 6 ios12.5.5. If yes, then how? Please

No unless you have the TestFlight app already installed and register as a beta tester. The TestFlight app has required iOS 13 for some time in order to install it. That is what I have done on my old iPhone 6 Plus.

Is there any way to get the app to stop prompting me to update it to 2.27? It’s already at 2.27.33 on my Android phone, and when I click on the notification, it takes me to the store and shows no updates available. Same issue on my son’s iPhone, already at 2.27 and still prompting him to update to 2.27.

The notification says “Please update your Wyze app. Wyze app versions below 2.27 will stop working shortly. Please update now to continue using the Wyze app.”

Welcome to the forum @will6.

Try clearing your app cache by going to Account>App Settings and click on Clear on the Cache File Size in the Wyze App.
Log out of the Wyze App
Force Stop the Wyze App
Then open the Wyze App and log back in

Note that you will see the Wyze App Walk-Thrus when you log back in, but this could resolve your issue.

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Thanks. I just followed the step, I’ll let you know if the notification returns.

Clean cahe,sign out and back in

Thanks so much for adding VOIP so that we can get much better notification on doorbell ring. Wonderful now.

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