Wyze App 2.24 Beta Test; Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Test 8/18/2021

So why does sunrise rule need to be at least a certain amount of time before turning off? I want my lamp to come on at sunrise and go off at 730am, can’t do it, error pops up :flushed::flushed::flushed:

I did. I get no sound or voice prompt from vac to add to Wi-Fi.
So, I cannot re-add because the vacuum doesn’t respond.

Same as @kboggs1… Franklin is just blinking. He isn’t talking… TALK TO ME FRANKLIN!!!

Sorry… #SaveFranklin.


Yeah I can’t spot clean in the middle of the room either…I couldn’t choose any area to spot clean in my room actually.

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Hi @spamoni4 , I’ve talked to our engineering team and the cause of this is that the actual cleanable area in the rectangle area is too small to plan the path due to the kitchen island in the middle. Please try drawing a bigger box around the island (see pic below) and it should work.


I can no longer select what AI features I want active on which cams (Facial recognition, package detection, Person, pet, crying, etc). This needs to be fixed ASAP.

I also agree with others about the reversing the design of the cam plus licenses. I too have the Cam Plus Unlimited, and so when I want to go look at what cameras currently have Cam plus, I have to scroll through 9 screens (yes I counted) to finally the see the cams I have active. The empty licenses should be on the bottom and the filled ones showing up top, then everything else alphabetical.

Honestly I liked the old way better, just show me all the available cams with checkmarks on or off to show if they have it. I don’t need to know all the rest. This is what my initial screen looks like,

This is followed by 9+ screens of empty licenses like this:

before showing me the other cams I have activated on Cam Plus. (No I don’t have EVERY one of my cams using cam plus all at the same time, so yes I do need to check and see which ones are currently active, or be able to easily switch some off, such as while my wife is working, so the internet and router aren’t being screwed with as much, but then turn them back on at certain critical times.
This 9 pages of blank licenses to find my other cams is not as good as the previous design IMO where it just showed all the cameras on the screen with a checkmark on or off.

I also expected the ability to choose what AI features they use would be in the drop down arrow of the active cams, but it wasn’t there, and it wasn’t anywhere else I could find. How do I turn on or off the options I do or don’t want now? = Serious update needed before Public Release


Hi @Earl.Automation , the light is pulsing white, right?
When you say ‘offline’, what exactly did you see in your app? Could you help me describe the details of the symptom?

Can you submit a log and let me know the log ID? Many thx!

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Is your vacuum connected to the charging station? What is the light showing on the vacuum?

Nice quick find and +1 on ASAP. :+1:


When you tried rebooting the vacuum, did you disconnect your vacuum from the charging station?
and did you press and hold the power button only for 3s?

I’m still having the same issue as many on this forum. Light pulses. Shows offline in the app. Holding power button turns off, but doesn’t reconnect once turned back on. Also does not respond to both buttons being held down.

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when you say ‘offline in app’, what exactly did you see? Did you see this (pic below)? or how did you know it is offline? Have you clicked into the vacuum page?image If you are seeing the picture above, please try clicking into the vacuum’s page. This is a known app status unrefreshing bug that does not actually affect entering into the vacuum’s page and your vacuum is online in this case

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Thanks, will try shortly.

Just tested this and another location. You are correct. Thanks for the quick feedback, did not realize that the size of the spot clean box mattered. Thought it was big enough.

Great job. Excellent feature.


I am experiencing the same as @carverofchoice

I can not set which AI Features I would like to notify on. How is this done now?

In addition, I select a camera to test and see if I can set AI on a newly added camera, still cannot set which AI. However, I can no longer remove the Camera from CamPlus.


You remove it by clicking the top icon above the cameras, the one that says “Unassigned” and then it removes the camera from Cam Plus.

Or do you mean that does not work for you either?

Be careful, if you remove it and then add it again, you will no longer be able to select what AI options you want…which may mean the only thing you’ll have is the default person detection.


I don’t see the unassigned can you add a screen shot.

Found it… :slight_smile:

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