Wyze App 2.24 Beta Test (Android); Wyze Cam v3 Beta Test 8/23/2021

Yea, I had that issue. A good test would be to remove the SD Card from one of the Cameras you are having issues with, if you can. then restart the camera and see if the problem persists. I believe it may not.

Or, you can try what I did, format the card to get it back to 0 and then try for a bit and see if it works better.

If you have a camera that is hard to access I wouldn’t recommend using beta firmware on them.

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That is a good point. In addition, don’t install Beta Firmware or apps if you don’t feel comfortable with the potential issues which may come of it.



I finally was able to acces my 2 V3s. There is one with no logs anywhere (folders or roots) and one with 2 logs. Just sent them to your mail.

I reflashed these 2 V3s to without issues with their 128GB SD cards.

Edit: after 24h, no more rebooting.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I understand the inherent risks that come with beta programs, but this one has been left to exist for far too long. I tried formatting the card on one camera and it made no difference. All v3 still rebooting every 20 minutes or so all day long.

It used to be a lot easier to roll back unusable updates but that appears to no longer be the case. I’ve been in the beta program for quite a while and never remember something this bad lasting this long. A little disappointing.

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Agreed. What amazes me is that this buggy firmware hasn’t been pulled; it’s still being offered for the cameras that I was able to roll back to the previous (working) version.

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General Question to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

Android App: 2.24.51
iOS App: 2.24.52
v3 Firmware:
Alexa Version: 2.2.422256.0

I was looking into an issue where myself and someone else cannot create an Alexa routine for a v3 Camera with Cam Plus. To test this out, I added a new v3 camera to Wyze and added Cam Plus and it got added to Alexa. I then went to Alexa to see about the camera and there was no Live View yet and I cannot add a routine for Person detection as it indicates the following:

When I Click on the Camera to see the Live View, I get the following and no Live View like my other v3’s.

Trying to determine if it could possibly be a Firmware issue. To test this, tomorrow I will add my last new v3 Camera, attach Cam Plus to it, but will not update the Firmware until I see what Alexa shows. By adding it tomorrow will give me almost 24 hours see if the Camera I just added is still having issues.


Corrected my Alexa Issue. Turns out I had to turn off Motion Detection under event recording and then turn it back on. Could be the issue we are esperiencing where the Toggle shows one thing but in reality it is the opposite. Similar to the Tune Setting on iOS.

In any event, a simply turning off and back on, then waited for 15 minutes allowed it to start working again.


The new V3 beta firmware has been released for beta testing today, which is for the fix of V3 rebooting issue. For everyone whose V3s were constantly rebooting with firmware, please try to update and test the firmware.

Thank you very much!


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