Wyze and Alexa and also Colored Filed of View

I have three Wyze Camera V3 models and one V2 model.

*All Wyze cameras can ONLY be viewed using the Wyze app.
*Same problem regardless of where I attempt to access Wyze cameras using the Alexa app…

*All camera firmware’s are up to date.
*Apple iPhone 12 with IOS 16.2
*Amazon Echo Show
*Amazon Echo 5
*Win 11 OS on Desktop and Laptop

1-3 V3 cameras and the lonely V2 show their picture in color but just one V3 shows picture in black and white. Possibly a bad chip? No settings within the Wyze settings app to fix this.
This happens regardless of whether the lights are on, night or day. Cameras have been rebooted to attempt resetting camera…

2-I also have the Amazon Alexa app for other devices, so I downloaded and “Enable the Wyze skill” as instructed per Wyze however, when I ask Alexa to show me a Wyze camera the response is “Sorry, this feature is not enabled”. I went back into the Alexa app and all Wyze cameras are already enabled!

I followed all instructions via the Wyze web site but have NO idea what is causing the problem!

Thanks in advance…

Welcome to the forums!

Look for the night vision mode setting. It appears yours is set to “on” which will leave the camera with the black and white view all the time. Set it to off or auto, which ever you like.

Did you log in or link your Wyze account into Alexa also?

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First issue resolved and thanks! Set to Auto and all fixed!

Second issue, Yes, I linked per the Wyze instructions and also stay logged in but still stumped!

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Second issue now also resolved…

Each camera had to be deleted and "re-linked to Alexa via the Wyze app" even though they were showing as being enabled in the Alexa app…

Thanks for the responses!

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