Wyze All-in-One Multifunction Printer

I think a printer would be a great product for you guys to make. $100 for the printer (+ pack of ink)
would be a good price, and I’d say $20 for ink (Color + Black) also seems fair. WiFi capabilities would also be nice, plus the ability to scan in documents and copy them right on the printer. (Also, why is it usually CYMK instead of RGBB? 2nd B being the black ink, of course)

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It’s CMYK because it can more easily cover all the colors than RBG can in print.

Also, I’d suggest if Wyze were going to make a printer that they make a Laser printer, not Ink. Ink is a scam.


Eh, maybe an inkwell? we recently got an epson inkwell and it’s been great so far. Apparently they use less ink AND it’s cheaper to replace ink iirc.

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I think this is a great idea. Whether it uses ink or toner, Wyze could make it available on the app to where one see the remaining ink/toner levels and being able to reorder ink/toner directly from Wyze. Or perhaps one could set up their printer to auto order at a certainly low level threshold. This would make it a mixed product and subscription based service. I believe long term for how well Wyze prices things they need the subscription based services.

Not only are printers overpriced but so is ink/toner. I recently replaced 5 large printers I had at work. They were work horses but the toner cartridges were right around $200 for the remanufactured ones. We recently found another company that still sells their printers for a high price but sells the toners at around $35. I will admit the new company has a much simpler toner cartridge which probably saves quite a bit in manufacturing. But come on, it’s plastic and toner…and it’s $200 a pop? Both the cost of printers and the price of ink/toner is a scam.

I’d love to see Wyze come out with a home model followed by a business model.


Yes !

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Please add a Wyze printer.

Wyze should definitely make a printer. It should have a Wyze Cam mounted above where the printed stuff comes out. Then the printer uses AI and compares what you told it to print to what it printed (using the camera). If the lines or the color is weird it can suggest something like an alignment or a print head clean depending on the problem (or do it automatically if you have that setting enabled) and then reprint it. You could also look to make sure it printed and you could print things from the app when aren’t home.

Proof of concept photo:
(Sorry I didn’t add the camera, but it would go right above the Wyze logo facing down.)