Wyze Air Purifier Filters

Gotcha. We should be getting notifications from Wyze. I did finally get an email from Wyze today that my order is packed and ready to go. Still frustrating being a subscriber I had to pay the full cost but at least I’m getting filters.

This is what Wyze emailed me when my subscription for the filters went out of stock the time before this last one.

“Your upcoming order on Wyze has an item that is currently out of stock. We will process your orders once the following item(s) are back in stock - you will not be charged until that point: Wyze Air Filter Allergen Filter (Standard)”

But instead, Wyze cancelled my subscription. Had I not got on the forum and read where others discovered that Wyze cancelled their subscriptions, I would have never known and just continued to wait. This issue is completely unsatisfactory! And still nothing from Wyze admitting that they screwed up.

Okay so I just went in and did another subscription, ordered 6 filters every 3 months (I should have ordered 100!). Then Wyze sent me an exclusive perks await email where it shows the type of filters I ordered but it shows the price as being per month and not every 3 months.

Type: Wyze Air Filter
Price: $205.47 per month
Renews: $31.49 +tax on May 13, 2024

Yet the renewal date is correct at 3 months from now. How is it that Wyze has so many software issues, on their products and in their automated ordering and emails?!

Yes, that is the same email I received several times from Wyze. Then they quit sending it. Then when they sent the email out that the filters were back in stock; I assumed mine was on its way only to discover my subscription had been cancelled.

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That’s crazy on the order and the price. I don’t understand that at all. When I reinstalled my subscription, mine was right but I only order one. BUT they didn’t send one out right away like they do when you first subscribe. My subscription is every 6 months so mine isn’t due till July. That’s why I bought 2 filters this past Friday. Just got notification they shipped. What a mess! Wyze needs to do better!

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So my 6 subscription filters arrived today, took a little over a day after I ordered them. This is a step in the right direction however, Wyze still hasn’t apologized or explained why their subscribers didn’t get their filters first and why they then cancelled our subscriptions without telling us. And I’ll probably change my filter subscription to 10 because who knows with this disaster will happen again.

Well, that’s great news for you. The two I ordered as a one time purchase are due to arrive tomorrow. At least when you resubscribed, it worked like it should and Wyze shipped your 6 immediately. When I reinstated mine, I didn’t get one and it said my next shipment was due in July (6 months, per my subscription).

I agree, Wyze needs to own up to their mistakes.

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It’s completely unacceptable for a company to treat it’s customers this way! Why aren’t they giving us an explanation? What are they hiding?

So much for escalating it internally.

I also think it’s funny that I ordered my 2 filters last Friday and still don’t have them.

You and my dad, who lives a few doors down from me, both ordered your filters a couple days ago, you both already got them. You got yours yesterday and dad got his today.

Have you tried setting up a subscription again, cancelling the current one and doing it all over? Maybe that will get them to you faster. But yeah, Wyze has completely mishandled this situation and put off their customers. And still no apology or explanation.

The two I ordered last Friday were finally delivered after 8pm last night! Now we’ll see if my reinstated subscription arrives in July.

@TomG did you end up trying the PUREBURG filter(s) that you said fit the Wyze? If so, did you compare the Wyze reported AQI values verses the monitor/sensor that you showed - using the PUREBURG alternate filter(s)? I would very much like an alternative filter option should Wyze drop the ball again on inventory… Please let us know! Thankful for your research, David

@LazyAcres Not yet. I have a couple Wyze filters left and will use the Pureburg filters after those are gone.

As for comparing the the filters, I don’t think that is possible. Our home’s air quality constantly changes so even from hour to hour it is different.

Putting two Wyze air purifiers next to each other, one with the Pureburg filter and the other with the Wyze filter would provide invalid data.

Has anyone, @TomG tried this filter yet? At $50 for a 2-pack, IFF it works as well as the Wyze or the PUREBURG, it would save $10 per filter.


by compare, what I meant is - using your IKEA Vindstyrka, verify, that using the PUREBURG, the numbers on that device, are close to the numbers on the Wyze (as I believe you verified with the Wyze using the Wyze filters).

I understand now. I pulled the Wyze filter and installed the Pureburg. I will check the readings from the sensor later tonight.

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After no activity overnight the Wyze air purifier was displaying 82 and the VINDSTRYKA was showing 42 . The VINDSTRYKA is about 2 feet above and 3 feet away from the Wyze air purifier which is on the floor. I moved the VINDSTRYKA on top of the Wyze air purifier and will report back.

While I was in the app, I checked the stock of the allergen filter. They changed the maximum and I was able to add 10 to my cart. They should drop that back down unless they have hundreds available. Again, I didn’t buy them. This was just a test.

The VINDSTRYKA is sitting on top of the Wyze air purifier and is reading within 10% of the Wyze air purifier reading with the Pureburg filter installed.
I lit a match nearby and the readings went up as expected. The readings came down to their previous levels within 15 minutes.
This no where a lab test. But it shows the Pureburg filter does the job. How much better or worse would require lab conditions

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