Wyze 47 no SMS notifications on Android

Oh, I get it. I’d be resistant to something like that, too. It’s kinda like one thing that finally got me to bite on a video doorbell was when Wyze released the Video Doorbell v2 that allows me to use my home’s existing chime…the thing that was working just fine with a “dumb” doorbell button. Why do I want to give up this feature that’s already built into the house and replace it with something else?

That doesn’t surprise me too much, but Samsung has done some weird stuff with Android in the past that I don’t really like, and I think Samsung Internet Browser might be at least part of the problem with some users’ difficulty logging in to the Wyze app. I stopped carrying a Samsung phone years ago, even before I began using Wyze products.

Don’t thank me too soon! My so-called “advice” might not help at all! Good luck!