Wyze 3-Way Light Switch

Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, this alread exists. You can add multiple instructions to each smart-switch action. These can relate to the same device (e.g. turn on a light, set its brightness and set its temperature), or it could relate to different devices.

what I am referring to is a physical three-way switch not the smart functions.

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Also dimmable!


This is what I use for the two 3-way circuits in my house. Looking forward to switching them with a Wyze version.

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same here. $10/switch at Costco in my location (sale price, $20 bundle for 2) - but if Wyze comes out with a 3-way option I’ll definitely “switch” over :grin:

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3-way and 4-way wall switches and 3/4way dimmers that drop-in

Not one company makes a good smart 3-way or 4-way wall switch or 3/4way dimmers.

No one. I have used them all. I used to have 9 different “smart switch” control apps on my phone. They all stink.

There is no reason that Wyze cannot design a smart 3/4 way wall switch that only needs to replace the main switch (where the hot runners are). All of the current designs require all of the wall switches to be replaced with smart switch “slaves.”

Just call me, I can do a 5 minute presentation on how 3/4 way switches work and how you can make a drop-in switch (regular or dimmer) that just replaces the main.

And make it with regular-thickness mounting tabs instead of those plastic monsters, so it fits screwless covers.

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I thought the Feit ones sold at Costco worked that way (no smart switch slaves needed, with the main one only being replaced). And screwless covers seem to work on mine as well.

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My comment was about 3 and 4 way switches

Not just 3 way.

and stop making switches with the stupid thick plastic mount tabs. Wyze switches should fit and install just like a traditional switch so it will work with any cover or size box.

ah, gotcha - yeah great points.
If they could develop a 4-way switch like you explained that would be awesome. I would be in need of a couple myself!

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GE 3pack of 3 way smart dimmers $40

Metal tabs too. no cheap thick plastic. works w any switch cover.

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people don’t understand what a 3 way switch means


I have a lot of the Lutron Caseta (super reliable and high quality, not very smart) dimmers, and for a 3 way switch they take a very diffrent approach. Rather than having 2 diffrent models to support 3 way, they use a tiny battery powered remote that fits in a normal switch footprint, and looks like just another nornal switch from outside, that connects wirelessly to the mains switch. Then you can have 2 3 4 5 however many you want switches absolutely anywhere. They come with a wall plate and little brackets to mount right into the drywall.

This could be an idea for a multi purpose smart button as well :wink:

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I really only want the smart/wifi light switches. I have everything connected through Alexa and it’s incredibly useful, esp when we travel (less lately, but usually quite a bit) and the Wyze monitoring and Alexa turning lights on and off to simulate activity in the house.

I have an Alexa routine for “all lights on” which is great when your wife hears a noise at 2 am. “Alexa, All lights on” and everything outside and on the main floor turns on.

3 and 4 way capability is incredibly necessary.


3 way and toggle switchs for 4 way can be wired and programmed to work with the Wyze single pole switch. I just did it easily. You will need Wyze single pole switches in all positions. Connect one load to the light (you will have to figure out which existing switch is connected directly to the light and which wire). Connect all others to power only (carefull to get the right wires, and you might have to pass power to them via the extra wire that is not used now). Then apply a rule on the switch connected to the light to turn off if the light is on and one of the other switches is pressed, and turn on if the light is off and one of the other switches is pressed. You do not need to program the other 3 press types to do this allowing them to still be used for other purposes. You’ll need two rules at a minimum for each switch not connected to the light.


Can you draw a diagram for a 3 way and a 4 way circuit with this setup?

Also, does this work if wifi is out?

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One possible configuration where the power comes into one switch and the light is connected to the second. Top is the Wyze wiring configuration, the bottom is the original 3-way switch configuration… The first switch (the one with no load connected) will only operate the light when the internet/wifi is working and the Wyze rules on the second switch are defined properly. The second switch will always turn off/on the light.


Similar connections for the 4-way switch wiring. The red of the 3 wires between switches will not be used as before. The top is the Wyze configuration which is much simpler now. The bottom is one possible original 4-way configuration with red/black/white wires between switches. I have a 4-way hall switch with two of the center (4-way or toggle) switches, I just repeated the center switch wiring… Again only the Wyze switch connected directly to the light will work without internet/wifi. The other switches will again need off/on rules applied the the switch connected to the light.


That’s pretty slick that you figured all that out.

I’d still rather Wyze come out with a bona-fide 3 and 4 way setup

And hopefully they are much shallower than the current switch. They really don’t need to be so huge.


I really wish Wyze would create a 2 and 3 pole light switch instead of just the single pole. No switch in my house is a single pole.


What rules are you configuring to make this work. Both switches will be powered but the device triggers will cause them to flap if you set them up to simulate a 3 way in my experience. Maybe I am just doing it wrong.