Wyze 2.0 lock

Anybody know if a new and updated version of wyze lock is in the works and releasing soon?

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nothing that I know of. what type of updates would you like to see to it?

Better battery implementation for starters. Rechargeable battery like eufy lock offers?
Better geofencing? Keypad built in?

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I think I can speak to some of these.

at lease 2 of them would increase the cost. possibly pretty significantly depending on how its done.

rechargeable battery- depending on how its done that raises the initial cost for purchase which may deter some. but also batteries do go bad. so if its a hard wired battery now you have to replace the entire lock, if its a plug in rechargeable battery pack Wyze would then have to source the battery pack separately and just as the chip shortage has effected things this could constrain parts of the supply chain at times.

the built in key pad would also raise costs and more than likely force you to need a new key. although I could see that solving SOME issues with people not checking device compatibility too :wink: so there is an upside on that one

on the geofencing. that is actually in beta currently and will be applicable to nearly all wyze devices. I am testing it with lights right now.

currently though, I don’t know of any plans to update the lock. but maybe you will start a trend here.

If you would like you can vote on #wishlist item for an updated Wyze Lock, linked below