Wyse sense motion sensor trigger 2 Wyze cameras?

Can 1 Wyse sense motion sensor trigger 2 Wyze cameras assuming they are not too far apart? Of course only 1 camera will have the Wyze bridge in the back.

I assume so.??

Tx as always

Yes you can…
I have a motion sensor that triggers one cam facing my back entry point.
The other cam facing the same entry point but at a different angle.

In sensor sensor settings go to Sensor Videos and select the cam(s) you want to capture with.
It also not limited to just 2 you can add as may cam in there if you have more cams that is?

Also as long as the Wyze cam with the bridge and motion sensor(s) has a good connect with it.
And all the Wyze cams in your network (no matter how far the sensor is from them other cams) has good WIFI connection you should be okay.