Wyse Sense motion detector behind glass?

My bundle of joy arrive monday (wyze sense starter kit).

I’ve been brainstorming, about where to locate the motion sensor.

Outside would be nice. My concerns are, it could disappear or remain permanently attach somewhere.

So, I thought, what about behind glass?

I know each (cam & motion detector) use a different ways to detect motion.

The cam uses light (This area has little), so it’s struggles @ nite to detect motion. ( I am currently testing various solar, motion detection lighting in a NW corner).

Wyse Sense’s motion detector, I believe & have heard, uses a variant of that to detect motion.

My question is, will it work from behind glass?
Thus solving the riddle of, an indoor device serving an outdoor use.

Why ask prior to testing? Here’s a few old adage’ s I’ve heard over a lifetime, at home n work:

You could say (in the sarcastic), "Yeah, yeah, It’s the machine, not the operator! "
"Forwarned is for-armed! ".

So, I don’t mind asking! Because, “Two heads are always, better than one!”


Do Wireless Motion Detectors Work Through Window Glass

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I’ve read this somewhere b4!

The solar heating aspect is a game changer!

But, I think I got the heat part, figured out!