Wrong thumbnail and notification issue with Doorbell

My Setup is as follows:
Android Phone with Android 11 - Pixel 5
App Version: 2.18.18
Doorbell FW:
V3 FW:
V2 FW:
WCO Base FW:

EDIT: The incorrect Thumbnails only seems to be an issue with Android. I confirmed it is ok on my iPhone… See below for an additional picture of another Android only issue. Something must have changed as it was ok yesterday

A couple of potential issues with the Doorbell:

Let me Caveat with the Camera does come up for Live Stream with no issues.

  • Wife left for her workout. the Doorbell Cam didn’t notify
  • When she got home, it registered a person with no announcement.
  • Initial look at the Events tab, the Front doorbell is there, but no thumbnail.
  • Subsequent views of the event tab shows the wrong thumbnail. Image 1 has the Driveway for the image, Image 2 has the Backyard

Confusing… :slight_smile:

Note: Front Door is the Doorbell

Front Door Thumbnail is actually the driveway camera

Front Door Thumbnail is actually the backyard camera

This shows the thumbnail of my Garage, but when you play it shows the doorbell cam. Image below

EDIT: Additional Image

This is what the events look like when I filter for my Doorbell only. No Images are displayed

Solution - I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Something in Android may have caused the issue as it was only happening on Android and not iOS. So uninstalling and reinstalling seemed to have corrected this issue.

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