Wow I scored 4week old Cams

So I regularly use a lot of social apps similar to Craigslist and have tons of Alerts as soon as they are posted. I hit last night with 2 new in box Pan Cams and a Wyze V2 Sense Kit listed at $65 for everything. Within 3 minutes I secured a cash deal for $60 as it was a No Haggle, drive to you tomorrow, and will this work reply, I sent.

When I got there, the seller stated he found them lacking without SD CARDS…I giggled and replied really?..he said he found them lacking in Night vision because the glass reflected indoors and he wanted a better upgrade to protect his vehicles…I said “gee that’s what I planned to do (lying) and I hope my glass won’t do that, but I’ll still take them”.

Tested each one from a 100’ extension cord I brought with me ( social distance testing) that he ran out to his street/driveway where I parked and they all checked out. He never even attempted to use the sense Kit, it’s all mint.

This was a good day.

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There’s more to the story actually, besides what he claimed were his issues, He offered during my drive to him proof they are new and functioning and said I could use his Wyze App for verification they weee intact.

I wrote back to him on the road and said I own 6 already and 5 more for him fir other uses…

He went silent until I arrived and after introducing ourselves to each other he said…first words out of his mouth…Dang Guy you have a mansion on that farm or what?.

To which I replied, no actually it’s a small house like yours but I have the desire to watch why’s occurring in my yard, garden and driveway…

And that’s when he started complaining about a 6’ cord and not seeing through glass…and I just decided to let him roll and I actually did explain why this is that and why that was this…almost talking him out of the sale.

But he was adamant he wanted exterior high res photos for vehicles parked 24” from his garage and his situation of no local windows nearby to see through just sealed the deal and he was bent on Cash.

If only I could have reasoned with him. But troubleshooting pamphlets don’t really cover issues real world.

But I put $60.00 in his pocket on his journey

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He probably picked them up at a Home Depot that was looted a couple nights ago.

Not a chance, the Receipt was dated 4 weeks ago. I wouldn’t have bought stolen goods and there’s no looted stores within 80 miles within our area.

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Sorry to offend you but with all that’s happening right now they are going to have to convert all that stuff into money somehow and craigslist/ebay are known ways of doing it. I’m glad you saw they had a receipt for it. You got a great deal. I meant no harm. Regards

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I understand that if they were new in sealed boxes one could easily assume worse case scenario. But the boxes in the listed ad show this guy basically tore them open in a rush to place them to protect his custom vehicles tried them for a while and didn’t seek answers for issues. It’s all good I edited my post above.