Working from home and don’t like to be interrupted?

I normally work from home but nowadays I have these new co-workers (aka kids) joining me at home, I needed a way to tell everyone in the family when I’m on a call or in a meeting. The door closed doesn’t necessarily mean I’m in a meeting and can’t be interrupted. I just needed a light to turn on and notify the whole family when I had a meeting on my calendar and couldn’t be interrupted. So I hooked up Wyze Plug up to my Google Calendar and solved my problem.


  1. Use the Wyze bulb or Wyze plug. Personally, I used a Govee LED light rope I have installed in the center of my house. It is near my office and central to the hall and is quick to be seen by the whole family. I plugged my LED light strip into a Wyze Plug.

  2. Using IFTTT, I created two applets that recognize when an event on my calendar starts (Turns On) and one for when it ends (Turns Off). They are set to control the Wyze plug and turn it on/off accordingly.

Now all my new co-workers are quiet and don’t interrupt my meetings and calls. It work great. Enjoy.