Workaround for no sound on Android lock screen with do not disturb enabled

Hi Wyze,

Note: This is more of a thread as a debugging tip for Wyze developers than end users.

I’m not certain if this is an Android o a Wyze bug, but I found a workaround for enabling Push Notification sounds the Android lock screen when do not disturb is enabled.

First, I’ll assume that you already have the wyzemessages notification enabled for all notifications zones (except silent of course).

The bug has to do with the push notification sound you select in the Wyze app. For whatever reason if you select The Wyze default number one sound, the Wyze push notification sounds on the Android lock screen are not heard. However if you select System, or the Wyze two or Wyze three sound, you hear the sound on the lock screen with Androids “Do not disturb” enabled. Note that I do have a custom system notification sound if that matters.

I’m also noticed, at least on my OnePlus 9 5G running Android 13, that if I do select Weiss sound option number one and save, in addition to there being no sound on the lock screen, if I then go back into the Wyze app, the toggle to enable push notifications has been disabled, but not by me.

Wyze, I hope that helps you help others. Why don’t you throw my account a bone for doing the the debugging discovery?

Regards . . .