Will I ever be able to view my WOC Cameras via RTSP?

I understand that these being battery powered, that this might not be the best candidates to view via RTSP, but, if I can view in the App, I should be able to view view RTSP.

I’m sure there is a technical reason this can’t or won’t happen. What are those reasons?

I have most of my V3’s running nicely in Blue Iris… and would love to bring the WOC’s (and V1 Doorbell) into Blue Iris as well.


I would not hold your breath for it. The WOC is so crippled by needing to be battery operated that I would not expect anything that encourages continuous streaming on a 24x7 basis.

I wouldn’t call the WOC crippled. Battery Operated is it’s selling point,

Battery Operated is why I can place eight of them in various places around my house and get some great wildlife video.

I initially was going to buy trail cams for that purpose, but these are much more cost effective (I would love if they came from the factory in a camouflage design, rather than white)

I’m not looking to continuously stream from them, as I fully understand how that would drain the battery quickly.

I want to duplicate how I view them in the Wyze App on my iphone or iPad… on my PC via RTSP to Blue Iris…


In my opinion, it is highly crippled in order to keep the power consumption low enough to be at least sort of useful on battery.