WOC unable to set or create custom start time for scheduled recording

When attempting to set the custom start time, the edit window of the calendar and time does not open to make any edits.

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What WCO firmware and beta app version are you running?

Could not find any other option to report this problem with the current firmware.
Hopefully you are able to get more information from the link posted to start this bug report.
The support flow is not very helpful to report this problem with scheduling a future time to start time lapse or recording when following the instructions for scheduling future time.
Am o the only one that is using this option for the WOC? Or the only one reporting it? Are you not able to replicate this problem with WOC?

Do you have a SD card in the WCO?

Please visit this forum for the answer to your question.
And acknowledgment that it is now working when support was able to get the scheduling fixed to scroll instead of having a calendar pop up.
Lots of great detail and information was supplied in this forum.with testing results and screen shots.

Simple answer yes.
And verified that base and WCO memory is good and working as it should.

Please check out this forum off all the help that was received amd answered.