With Complete Motion, can't tell what triggered it

it used to say “Motion” or “Sound”
now it just says “Complete Motion” for all Events

Hi, @musiclee. CMC events are motion (pixel change) events. The support articles have a lot of great information on how the cameras (and other devices) work. :slight_smile:

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i don’t think you understand…
ALL events now just say Complete Motion,
even those events that were triggered by sound

before i signed up it was a 50/50 some motion , some sound, etc.
there is no way to distinguish now as even those that were triggered by sound, will just say “Complete Motion”,

Ugh, that’s what I get for trying to multi-task. :upside_down_face:

I haven’t used sound detection in a while, so I’ll have to test that tonight. What happens if you turn off motion detection temporarily…do you still get CMC events from sound detection?

I see a difference between event triggers on my CMC cams. Perhaps your sound events also included motion? When I have both sound and motion for an event, it is labeled Complete Motion. Even those cams with no CMC applied are labeled Motion when both triggers exist.

In this example, “v2: Front right (6)” has a sound-triggered event @ 12:27 (there was no motion) and is correctly labeled “Sound”. The same cam had a motion-triggered event @ 12:26 (there was no sound) and is correctly labeled “Complete Motion”.

The screenshot is via the Android flavor of the Wyze app but I also verified this via the iOS version. You can manually create the scenario by ensuring both “Detects motion” and “Detects sound” are on under Event Recording in the cam’s settings. Then sneak up behind one of your cams and make some noise without physically disturbing the cam. You should see a sound-triggered event correctly labeled in your Events list.

@musiclee, I was unable to trigger CMC events with sound events last night. Is your situation similar to what @Seapup posted above? Also, which version of the app are you running, and what is the firmware version on your camera(s).

In order for the community, and Wyze, to assist you better, please always provide all of the following.

  • Phone/tablet type and OS version on phone/tablet
  • Wyze app version (instructions here)
  • Firmware version installed on Wyze device ( Device settings (gear icon top-right) → Device Info → Installed firmware version)

This is needed because “latest” and “up to date” are subjective to when a post is added to the forum. (It is also important to distinguish whether an issue is actually with a beta version, as opposed to a public release.)