Wishlist vs Roadmap

How about a quick assessment of the wish in terms of: “level of programming difficulty” (on some meaningful scale, 10=extremely?)

Could a programmer/engineeer in the know about Wyze stuff whisk through a list of x wishes in 10 min and assign the numbers?

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It takes more time than you may think for us to go through assigning tags for everything. Most of these we wouldn’t have clear ideas for the difficulty unless we started seriously researching it and that’s not the best use for dev resources at this point. So while we like your idea, we probably won’t implement something like that in the near future if we ever go that direction. I think we can all agree that we want our programmers programming. :slight_smile:


'S’ok, just spitballing. :slight_smile:

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Having spent about 20 some years involved in software development for the topographic community I think it is a waste of resources to try and give accurate estimates of the time it will take to program a widget.

I have not found it yet but somewhere Wyze probably has a list of everything wished for, asked for, thought of, etc.

And sometimes a slight change in technology or programming paradigms makes the formerly impossible easily done.


Yeah, that’s basically where we would have trouble. And we try to be careful about providing timelines before we’re closer to release because we don’t like frustrating or disappointing our community.

The Wishlist and Roadmap categories in this forum are the list you mentioned! We try to funnel everyone over here for voting and requesting features because I work with the dev team on assigning tags to everything. It adds transparency for our community and makes sure that the dev side sees all of the requests. :slight_smile:

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Are you sure you couldn’t do like a lightning round thing where say 5 cognoscenti sit around at the end of the day drinking beer and are queried by a proctor, “Ready? Swiping between cameras in a group while viewing in landscape.” “Seven!” “Four!” “Six!” “Ten!” “Eight!” “Ok, Seven” Next…

(It’s pretty clear I know nothing about this but I’m confident in my ignorance… :wink: )

At that point this would be an inaccurate tool and not useful at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would make a good video.

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The roadmaps we used were usually portrayed as Gantt charts.
I’m hoping for lists with a short description of the activity (like RTSP) maybe a short description, and then progress made. Not 330 responses.
For future progress I always found it useful to just draw a line with the statement “And then a miracle occurs”

The forum categories are discussion areas which are great and necessary but require dedication to read when there are several hundred posts in some cases.

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That makes sense. I’ll still need some dust to settle but I’ll start working on that for topics actually in the Roadmap soon. :slight_smile:

Wishlist items here:

  1. Tracking subject feature causes camera to turn super fast, too far… Instead of estimating how far it needs to turn to keep subject near center of frame… And then only move if they are on outermost 20% of frame. Too much moving (and fast moving) causes the video to be worthless due to blur.
  2. App has to authenticate to camera all the time… Should allow it to stay signed in a day or so (we’re not on battery power here so don’t need to economize so much)
  3. Reset button is so easy to find that these can be reset by an intruder
  4. Tracking mode doesn’t seem to work when “tour mode” is on rotating the camera at intervals.

This topic is not for creating #wishlist requests, but merely to inform you where to make them. Please search the #wishlist category to see if your ideas have already been added to the #wishlist. If not, please create ONE #wishlist item per request for approval by the mods. :slight_smile:


Hi Gwendolyn, I’m lost in your community…I just have one question why isn’t “touch id” on your roadmap? This makes no sense.

You can vote for and comment on it here:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

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We only move things over to the Roadmap when we start actively working on them. There was understandable confusion and frustration when all of the topics were jumbled together and people wanted easier visibility into what was in process. At this point, we are not in the process of working on touch ID.

Gwen, thanks you for the followup. If you would pls pass along this comment to you architecture team " I question your road-map priorities as Touch ID is one of the most successful and most used features of the Iphone and to not have that function on the WYZE App and not even be working on it is wrong. IMO


Mike Manley

You’re welcome, Mike. I’ll share your feedback with the team. :slight_smile:

Mike, I you haven’t already, it would also be good for you to go to the post below, vote for it (click VOTE at the top), and add your comments about the importance there.

Is anybody working on Touch ID?

See this: Signing in + face recognition / TouchID

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