Wiring Wyze Lock

Wondering if anyone has tried to wire up a Wyze lock in place of batteries? I’ve seen some wired battery replacements, has anyone tried something like this or anything else?

Yes, I did try wiring for using a battery adapter which uses 4 fake batteries the size of an AA, one of them wired with a thin cable to 6V DC jack. I used a 6V power supply (wyze lock uses 4 1.5A AA batteries in series which is equivalent to 6V) to power. The wyze lock worked properly. However, I didn’t end up liking the look of the wire, among other disadvantages. I did this to initially save on batteries, but I eventually found a better solution that has saved my batteries. I will post my solution in tips and tricks. I did share links in case anyone else wanted to pursue with powering the lock via an outlet.