Wireless power for cam, no cables and easy outdoor powering through window

How many watts does the camera need? Are you guys considering wireless power at a distance?

Energous has about 10 watts available up to 3 feet FCC approved, I would think it needs less than that.

Would be great to have the outdoor version on the outside of your window but powered wirelessly from the inside without any cables / holes through the wall!

Please consider it! :slight_smile:

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If the camera used the full power of the included power block (which it doesn’t), then that would be 5 watts (1 amp at 5 volts). Is there an off the shelf product that includes both transmitter and waterproof receiver with USB output? That would do the trick.

A universal USB dongle would be great but if they could add built in receivers into the Wyzecam, that would be a huge selling point.

Imagine having an outdoor camera attached to the house with zero cables needed.

I just tested my V1 WyzeCam and it draws 1.6 watts idle (with continuous recording turned on) and 2.1 watts when live streaming. This is without night vision turned on.

Edit: I just tested it live streaming with night vision on and it was around 2.5 watts.