Wireless Media Mirror Streamer

I’ve had this idea for a new sort of “smart” device for some time and while I am in the process of learning programming/web dev, I know I not near the expertise required to build such a device.

Here’s the problem: Your house has only one (or limited) number of TVs with Cable, Satellite or other primary media connected to it. You would like the ability to watch/mirror your media/tv in another room of your home, but you don’t want to spend money on new TVs or smart media sticks/devices. Perhaps the room you want to watch it in doesn’t require a big monitor, this may be a kitchen or an office. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a whole lot of equipment for a room you will not be in for an extended period of time.

The Solution: A device that streams/mirrors your media (in real-time) via your wifi. The main dongle would have two sides, one with a male HDMI connecter that would connect to the monitor’s HDMI port, the other end a female HDMI connector that will accept the HDMI connection from a device to the monitor. The device will serve as a broadcaster or server taking an HDMI signal and streaming it across the user’s wifi so the live stream can be picked up on another monitor via a receiving dongle or an internet-connected device.

Receiving wireless HDMI Signal: My idea is that a separate dongle can be included (or sold) to receive the signal being pushed by the main HDMI dongle. This will allow a user to take another monitor or an older monitor and place it elsewhere in their home to receive the same HDMI signal from the primary TV. Alternatively, if the monitor is internet enabled (i.e. a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) they would be able to navigate to the IP or a URL to view their live stream. (provided they’re on the same network)

Notes: I’ve seen this done in-home but involving wires. My in-laws have added a splitter to their cable box with one cable running to the TV and the other running to the TV in the kitchen. I myself have grabbed my laptop and attempted to stream near the kitchen while I prep, but I usually need to settle for the limited services since I have different apps and devices on my main, living room TV. Sometimes it’s also pure laziness, I do not wish to install and or remember passwords to other services just to be in my kitchen for a short period of time. I would much prefer to set up what I am watching from the main TV & navigate to a site or hook up a dongle to a monitor to view what is playing on the big screen.

Just an idea, not sure how fiscally viable it is in today’s market.