Wink is going to require a subscription to use their products!

I started my smart home with Wink products and I was happy with them and still am but now they announced they will start charging $4.99 a month to use their devices and automation rules, etc!
I am very troubled by this and I do not plan on getting a subscription.
I have a go control garage door opener, three plugs, two bulbs and three swithces.
I hate to lose all of that but I am not going to pay a subscription.
So my question to the community is what z-wave hubs does everyone use?
I’d like to find a replacement.
To Wyze, I wouldn’t mind converting to a Wyze only house but the garage door and switches aren’t available yet. I also have the problem of only having one PanCam and one bridge that doesn’t cover all of my house. Is the stand alone bridge moving up the wish list?
Also I really enjoy the ability in Wink to use sunset and sunrise, timers (like motion turns on a light for 15 minutes between 11:00 PM and 6:00AM), there might be more but those are the ones I use the most.

Any way thanks for letting me vent and I look forward to other opinions.


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