Window Glass Mount for Outdoor Camera

The outdoor camera is the only wireless camera you make. Please consider making a glass mount for the outdoor camera. I want to mount the camera up high on a window glass. I cannot find a way to do this with the outdoor camera.

Hello @ken.wilkey and Others.
Below are pictures of an easy-to-make window mount.

In the pictures above note that the camera’s swivel capability is not used, in fact, the swivel is locked at straight-ahead (zero) with tape.

The camera is rotated about its base to achieve a needed horizontal aim. This approach will always provide a plumb camera field of view.

The outdoor camera would not need a cord anchor.

If someone uses this Sq Angle Bracket to support a V1, V2, or V3 the cord anchors linked below will take the strain of the cord’s weight.

V3 Ribbon Cord Anchor.stl

V3 3mm Cord Anchor.stl



Someone was selling a mount that held the cam flush with the surface of the window. Looked good.

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