Will wyze sense work in canada

I heard we’re still making progress but that further steps (such as visiting Canadian warehouses in-person) are currently on hold due to COVID-19.

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This sounds like nothing. In 2020 no one physically inspects warehouses. Send them a wyze cam and inspect the live feed. Heard of drop shipping?

I think wyze has failed to expand to international markets at the expense of product range. Great products and lots of new things. However we can’t wait loyaly by for a promise of nothing

Commit to a date to enter Canada.

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Will wyze Canada be a totally separate company with different policies, warranties etc?

edit:. will be in C$ or US$…shipping charges same or higher?

Why is it when Wyze first came out they shipped product to me no problem. It arrived by mail in a week.
Why cannot this be continued?
We buy other things direct and no problem. What’s changed?

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Why bother Emailing me Product offers and promotions if you will not sell to me,
ship to me in Canada. Cant even register my address. Yet it even says, region,
state or PROVINCE. Under Country, no Canada…but Armed Forces Canada is
listed as a country!
This is crap. I am interested in the free light bulbs promo I am emailed about
from Wyze. I rack up 85$ (which would have been actually a larger chuck of my
hard earned cash after currency conversion) in Wyze product, go to check out but
I cant buy. Because only after all that I find out you don’t ship to Canada?!
I already own two Wyze cams v1 and v2, was looking forward to purchasing other
Wyze products, especially the plugs and contacts/ motion sensors. Even took the
stupid Wyze survey about this crap not long ago. Guess how many Cams I will be
buying now in the future…or other Wyze products for that matter?
I even read all your emails about community this, help out that, customer this.
New product that.
Well, all of a sudden this CANADIAN customer does not feel part of the Wyze
community and will most likely not support Wyze products moving forward. I will
have to share this with everyone I know, discussed or recommended your products
Then I find out after extensive poking around on your Wyze website looking for
an email contact to complain to…you don’t support any international
customers or ship to them. Wish I knew that before. I was thinking at first it
was maybe just the light bulb promotion deal. Suppose I am fortunate the two
cams I do have work at all in Canada.
I guess I will have to support slightly higher priced competitors that do want
more customers then just Americans. That want my business and brand loyalty.

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@WyzeGwendolyn I’d be happy to test out the experience with shipping from your Canadian warehouse :smiley:

In all seriousness though is Covid a bullet for opening shipping into Canada? It could be additional months going into 2021 from something started in 2019.