Will pet detections announce on Alexa

I have a Wyze camera with Cam Plus. I can get it to make Alexa announce “Person Detected” when the camera detects a person, But it won’t make Alexa announce when a pet is detected. Is there some setting I am not seeing to make this happen?

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I was going through the Alexa App. It looks like only Person will trigger Alexa. you may be able to use IFTTT, but not sure on this.

The Wyze Alexa skill only has Person Detection capability. Pet, Vehicle and Package notifications via Alexa are not yet available. I do get push notifications to my phone for these detections (if set in the Wyze app) but no voice announcements via Alexa.


I agree William. It would be nice if the folks at Wyze could augment the functionality of their Alexa skill to enable pet detection notifications through the Amazon Echo devices. An alert from Alexa (triggered by Wyze) when the dog is at the door waiting to come in would be a cool feature.

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I also agree, this is an important feature. If I look this feature on other camera, I’m gonna say goodbye to all my wyze cams.

Agreed! My driveway is on the side of my house, out of view from my front window. So it’d be nice if I could get a notification for Amazon cars and visitors without notifications of my kid playing in the driveway.