Will not scan QR code

Changed routers and kept the same SSID and password but my devices didn’t automatically connect to the new network . Strange ik

So I spent the day having to set up all of my wyze devices today.

Was able to set up 5:6 of my v3’s except one

It just does not want to scan the QR code . Brightness all the way down to reduce glare , I’m in a dark room, move the screen left and right , move the camera up close and far away and still nothing . Going on half an hour of this…

The led light is flashing red


Any help here please and thank you

Try printing it out.

Don’t have a printer

Try rotating the phone, turning brightness up or down, and every combo of that.

Yea I’m trying . This part gets me so frustrated. Always have trouble scanning the QR code , i dread setting up cameras sometimes bc of this :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Make sure the full QR code is visible. A trick I’ve seen is get the app to the point where it displays the QR code then set your phone “screen up” on a flat surface. Grab your V3 put it into Set up mode then place the camera “lens down” on your phone screen. Now slowly lift up on the camera keeping the lens facing down at your up facing phone screen. Hopefully by the time you reach about 6 to 9 in above the phone screen it will have scanned the QR code. If you have a big white piece of paper you can also put that behind the phone on the flat surface to help the exposure.


Just tried this and it didn’t work :///

I hope it’s not bricking on me .