Will a Rule Override a Schedule?

I have my living room camera on a Schedule to record during the night. I have a Rule set to manually turn on the motion detection if I’m away from the house during the day. However, it doesn’t seem like the Rule works because I don’t get notifications when I come home and walk into the living room. Does the Rule override the Scheduled recording time?

Both the schedule AND “detects motion” have to be on to make a motion recording.

Conversely, if EITHER is off, the camera can’t record.

In your case, when you arrive home you are outside the schedule, so it doesn’t matter what detects motion is set to.

You may want to change the schedule to “all day” with a scheduled rule or two to replace the old scheduled hours (turning motion detection on at night and off in the morning). Then you can use your daytime shortcut to turn on the camera if you leave during the day.