Will a 64 gb micro sd card cause the clips in playback mode to lag

Hi Everyone,

I just recently inserted a 64 gb micro SD card into the Pam Cam. Now I’m having issues with playback mode being too fast for the clips, and legs a bit during playback. When I check events, it’s normal… Anyone have this problem before, and did you find a solution for it?

I believe the file system that the Wyze cam supports (and this goes for most devices that have an onboard sd card) only is capable of going up to 32gb. Even if you use a 64gb SD card, it would format to and use just 32gb. I can’t imagine why you would see any difference in playback mode though, although 8 have not tried, but I would suggest to 32gb cards.

I bought the Kingston 64 gb micro SD, class 10…shows in the app that I have 58 GB, after I formatted it.

The issue is that when I use playback, it’s choppy, legs, and speeds up the clips with moving objects… You would think a car is going 70 in a 20 zone. Hoping there is a fix to this.

Have a 64gb micro SD card, and it’s the fastest I have among my cams.

It only sometimes lag when I use the latest app. Using the older app version, it doesn’t.

It also depends on the speed-rating of the card. Use a video-rated type.

I think I’m going to return this one, and get a 32 gb one instead, and try that out. I’ll check if it’s video rated as well.

I’m not sure if I can get the old app back, but I wish they would find a solution for bigger storage cards… Everything was working great until this experience.


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People have had some success using larger cards, but apparently the support can be somewhat hit-or-miss. 32GB cards come formatted differently from the outset, apparently. You can reformat the larger cards, and they tend to work, (As long as they meet the other qualifications – Class 10, etc.) but Wyze doesn’t “officially” support it.

I don’t know enough about file systems to explain what the differences or challenges are, but I guess in their internal testing, there was enough unexpected behavior in the larger cards that they decided to keep the officially-supported limit at 32GB. If you go higher, just be aware that you might encounter some weird issues. I’m not sure if playback lag specifically is one of the issues associated with that or not.

Not true at all.

There have been many posts here about using larger capacity cards and they use all of it.

I have the same experience. But not all large capacity cards work. Search the forum for the types that work.

The only time that one really needs a 32gb card is when flashing firmware.

All four of my cameras (1 Cam Pan and 3 V2 cams) are using the [Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC cards without any problems at all. And all cameras are using the full capacity of each card as well.

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