Wildfire filter effectiveness?

I purchased a wildfire filter because I thought it would be better at dealing with the smoke from the Canadian wildfires. Interestingly, I’m not seeing much difference between this filter and the standard filter I had been using. The outside AQI has been 100-150 (as reported by iqair.com) which the news is attributing to the Canadian wildfires. The inside AQI stays pretty consistently around 50-60 regardless of which filter I use.

So my question is, is it helpful to switch filters when the news is reporting unhealthy air from wildfires? Is there a practical difference between the wildfire filter and the standard filter? Or is the standard filter reasonably good at filtering out smoke particles anyway?


I have this same question because of the wildfires. Seems to make no difference. It also made me realize there is no way to save multiple filter types so we can swap between them. I choose different filter type in the app and it seems to reset the status to 100%. Would be nice to save filter types, and only reset the status when we tell it too. Switches to the wildfire twice from the canada stuff, and back to my formaldehyde filter no idea what the life is left

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Thank you for that comment, stoutp9. I second the concern that there is no good way to track filter life when swapping filter types. So it makes me wonder even more if swapping filters is worth doing.

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