Wifi only capability when internet is down/unavailable

I have noticed, that when the wifi or internet drops and a cam was recording, it will continue to record until that minute is up. You can not see that on you phone until your wifi or internet is back up. All of my cams have the SD memory card, and I was surprised when I had a Uverse outage, that apparently the cams continued to event record to the card! While the Uverse outage continued, I could view devices on my network, even print to the wireless printer, but I could not view my cams until Uverse restored the internet connection.

So, when you first set up the Wyze app on the phone, it uses the phone’s IP information to get the wifi, gateway and so forth. As you flash each cam with that info, it sets them up also. Wyze seems to be a DNS server, and that enables you to still connect to your cams when you are not on your wifi network.

My question is this: While you are on your local wifi with your cams, and the catalog of cams is available, why can the app not be set up to use wifi and go direct to the cams if the wifi is still functioning when Uverse (or your ISP) is offline?

This would enable you to be able to view your cams while the internet is down but local wifi is up. It would also enable you to set up your cams in an area with no internet service. I would love to set these cams up at my country residence that does not have internet availability. Wyze is less costly than gamecams. Having a wifi/no internet capability would be very beneficial to areas that don’t have internet. Arkansas has lots of no internet areas. Lots of no cellular areas. Satallite is too expensive to be an option.

I would love to be able to go to the cabin, set my phone to the cabin wifi (I already use wifi to connect to the printer even though there isn’t an internet connection), then scan through the events to see what has happened while I was gone. As it is now, with gamecams, you have to go to each cam, take the memory card out and put into your PC, view the pictures, clear the card of images and reinstall into the gamecam and remount the gamecam.

I would imagine that there are others that could use this wifi only options, not only for internet void areas but for when the internet is down but the wifi is still up.


Topics on a similar vein have been brought up pretty often, including multiple requests to access the RTCP stream directly. One option people came up with was to use TinyCam Pro (an Android App) which is able to communicate with the cameras, and then proxy the stream to the app’s own locally hosted webserver. But this would mean leaving a dedicated Android device idle and running in addition to all the other equipment.

[Edit: Wonder if BlueStacks could emulate the Android and run TinyCam…]