Anyone has had this issue?

For some reason i don’t have function over my cameras through my app if i am logged into my WIFI network. I can only do updates, and see motion clips if am off my wifi. Super confused here.

i can’t even set up a new camera if unless am logged off my home WIFI! All my cameras,5 of them, were initially set up on this netowrk The app won’t let scan my bar code to add a camera, As soon as i take it off wifi it lets me.

should i worry here that i have been hacked?

When i am at home i can view my cameras if am on my WIFI but in CAN’T check events. it will say i have an even but once i click on it a screen will come up saying THERE ARE NO EVENTS. if i turn off my wifi i can see the events.

upgrades on my home wifi - forget it. When i turn wifi it lets me.

If anyone has any input i’d really appreciated.


Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue. My WiFi is at&t and I get 50 mbps download and about 10-20 upload. Cameras (5) rarely all load. If I’m lucky I get 1 or 2 to load, but lately none. As soon as I turn off WiFi and go to data they all load, so something is up with the WiFi. Any help is appreciated.


Yeah big mystery here, but seems to be working better now. Wyze ran a test on my system and came to the conclusion I was running a VPN (so they think) am not.

I did re-boot my Reuter, which I had not done in over 10months and I think that is what helped things to get back to 95% normal.

So in the end no one really know why it was doing what it was doing but it is working better now.

hope this help


I agree with the router reboot. Just today, I noticed two of our Google Home Hubs (as I walked by them), my Android phone, and Samsung TV were not connected to Wifi.

I fired up the AT&T Smart Home Manager app and it too could not find any devices and suggested a router reboot, which I did - five minutes later, all devices back online (about 30 devices total).

EDIT: WIMON … we have AT&T Airties Extenders scattered about (think, “repeaters”).

Yeah we’ve done several reboots but it still keeps happening. I guess bottom line is my WiFi service sucks.

Either way, thanks for the input. Appreciate your time and response.

I have ATT also and after a year of trying to make it run 30 +/- devices, including numerous tech support and Smart Home sessions, I added a mesh system (Eero,$189 on sale) and it was like magic. Simply plugged it in and slowly switched devices over- kept the ATT box as a modem and eventually just turned off its wifi entirely. Now running over 60 various devices without problems.
Highly recommend!