WiFi Connectivity Tips For Your Sanity

As I meander the forums I see a lot of complaints about connectivity, “cheap” devices, poor performance, etc. I can speak from experience that this is simply not the case.

Having installed over (estimate) one hundred WYZE devices, I can almost certainly tell you the problem is on your end (barring actually equipment defect).

Like all manufacturers, WYZE can ship you a defective piece of equipment (I have gotten some). Software and firmware can also cause the occasional hiccup as well.

Primarily, this is what I experience the most with those I assist.

The place to start looking is your WiFi and your WiFi environment. (Network)
Disconnections, slow speeds, blinking bulbs, no response plugs, etc. about 97% of the time are due to poor network setup, lack of understanding of WiFi and actual confusion.

I am going to paint with a broad brush here so that this post is not a volume length diatribe. If you have questions based on this information, please post and I will get back to you if I can offer something supportive.

Here are some suggestions:

  • WYZE products all use 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz wireless. Know the difference and correctly configure your WiFi equipment to support this. Keep in mind, with IOT you will want connectivity and reliability over speed.
  • Investigate your WiFi environment. If you are in a congested WiFi environment with a lot of other 802.11 networks you may need to get creative with WiFi channels and add more overage to boost signal strength.
  • Because your phone connects does not mean other devices will work in the same area. The WiFi sophistication of your phone (hopefully) makes its ability to connect to wireless signals much more robust than your IOT device. If your device is not working where it is currently located, move it close to your WiFi source and test it that for a period of time to narrow down possible issues.
  • Your IOT devices will not work effectively on a public, client isolated network. Set them up on your secure network utilizing the latest WAP2 security protocols and a good password. Do not let others into your home through poor network security.
  • Before you purchase a booster, consider purchasing WiFi MESH.
  • Before purchasing a Booster or MESH, test the device close to your current WiFi equipment to prove it is working correctly prior to blaming the IOT equipment for your poor performance or experience.

Hope this helps someone with issues!
All the best.


@jjdub1313, thank you for your time and trouble in posting this very informative post. I am not a network engineer by any means, but have been working with the stuff for a couple of years and have gone through many of the problems people post about myself.

I have to agree strongly with you about Wi-Fi, in particular Mesh. I finally upgraded from an ISP provided box to a good mesh system. life became a lot easier and a lot of the aggravating problems went away.

That’s not to say it’s all perfect now but that is an excellent recommendation on your part, in my opinion.