WiFi connection question for my new devices

When connecting a new device to my Wyze account I am offered 2 Wi-Fi options to choose from.
One is my current Wi-Fi router. The other is a Wi-Fi router spot that I used to have but no longer exists. Is there a way that I can remove the nonexisting Wi-Fi spot when choosing to connect my new device ? I want to have only the active Wi-Fi spot to choose from.

Maybe remove the old wifi name from your phone?

Remove unwanted from iPhone as @ssummerlin stated. Open the wifi on the phone settings, tap the blue information icon and tap forget, gone.

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@ssummerlin @Antonius
Thanks for your suggestions guys. Problem is that Only the correct WiFi comes up on my phone in the phone settings.
The one I want to STOP from being offered when adding a device does not come up in my phone settings. It was in fact set up incorrectly at one time but is not for real.
The bogus one has a name very similar to the real one but it doesn’t function. Any other suggestions ?

No others. Maybe @Antonius has something.

I don’t see what difference it makes if the bogus one is offered if it doesn’t exist. Select your 2.4 network on your phone and go to set up the cam. If your current active network doesn’t show up automatically type in the network SSID and password.
Did you check all the networks available on the phone. I have a 5.0 which my phone is set to now and the other MOTO is the 2.4 network.

@Antonius @ssummerlin Update from OP

I called Wyze for some assistance with getting the invalid network from appearing in my Wyze app when selecting a network while installing a new device.

After some discussion they asked me to uninstall then reinstall my Wyze app on my phone and it worked. Apparently the app was remembering the invalid WiFi network along with the valid one that was set up in error following a recent switch to a new router. After reinstalling the Wyze app it correctly offered ONLY the valid WiFi network when setting up a new device (I tried it with a new Plug).

Thanks for your assistance guys. If I had known to include the fact that I had recently installed a new router (with new network) you would have probably had the answer for me. Thanks…tlhutch4

When I install a new network I name it and the password the same as the old one so I don’t have to set anything up again.

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What you suggest about using the same credentials on a new router to avoid having to reload the devices is spot on. That was also the crux of my issue.
In attempting to use the same credentials I used a slightly different network name and then had to go back and add it correctly. However the Wyze app remembered both networks and only reloading Wyze app fixed my issue….Thanks

Good to know. Always open to learn.

I always see my neighbor’s networks when I add a new device. I just ignore them.