Wife's first reaction to new Wyze 2FA

Ok, so I’m home alone (always a dangerous state) … and decided to set up Multifactor Authentication 2FA.

Easy … and I was excited to set up the extra security step in the new APP.

The WYZE app promptly sent me a code to verify my phone. Worked great.

So I was sitting in my family room … feeling safe … when my wife. who was out and about, decided to check up on me via the family room Wyze Cam V2.

Since she hadn’t used the app on her phone … and since she was immediately confronted with notification to enter the six digit code (which had been sent to my phone) … and since the code displayed on my phone … for the first time ever, I was “forewarned” that my wife was about to check up on me, I was able to be sitting quietly, innocently, no-where-near-the-cookie-jar … when she called for the code.

Thank you WYZE for setting up 2FA … and I’m wondering if a future APP can contain an alert that the wife is about to check up on me!


All my cameras point outdoors, lol. Only problem I would have under my situation is having her hear me talking to myself over the live stream. Hopefully it wouldn’t be about her! :grimacing:


No offense, Tod, but I flashed on the character David Puddy from Seinfeld. :laughing:



Yup, that’s close to my “looking innocent” position. Ha!

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Great feature but you have to insert the international prefix

man, I wish I could do this but the wife likes to walk around in her underwear so she said no cameras inside the house…bummer :thinking:


Lol. Running joke around here is to cover your face so nobody will know who it is…


My wife does too - she said o well !! You get what you get … it’s made it fun to check in from time to time.