Widget issues on V3 Wyze 2.34

@WyzeDesmond So bringing this back. You had said this issue on Android would be resolved on the release of v2.35
I am currently running v2.35 (88) and it’s still the same issue? Can you comment on this?


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Thanks for the reporting. Let me check with app team and get back to you.


Thank you, looking forward to your update.

I am having the same problem on an IPhone and I don’t even show the option of running in background. The only thing that lets it work is if the app is open.

That is odd, because initially the issue wasn’t present on iPhones, only Android. So it appears if that is the case, the update not only didn’t fix the Android issue, but it also broke iPhone :slight_smile:

@WyzeDesmond Any news on this issue ?

@WyzeDesmond Can we get a follow up on this?

@WyzeDesmond 15 Days with no update on this? Any news? Feels like I am being ghosted here without any replies