Wide angle & Illegal headlights outside of detection zones

I love my V2 cams.

I hate how they pickup wide angle & illegal car & truck headlights passing by (from left to right n vice versa).

The latest sauared “zone settings” pick up the lights.
More often than the older V1 zones.
Even though they are not in the targeted zone.

Is there s way to mitigate alerts & clips of passing vehicles from over 30 yards away ?

It’s not a flash in the zone just a smooth ball of lights moving left to right or right to left, on a horizontal steady plane.

I figure, if AI. Can tell a person from a pkg. It can surely ignore passing headlights out of the detection zones.

Right ?

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I meant V3 Cams, I can’t keep up !

What are those?

They are Man’s inhumanity to man !

I live in a well lit city surrounded by a well lit metro areas.

Young folks n suv trucks with kits on them are blinding fellow drivers n my cameras !

I jus wonder how many pedestrians, cyclists n others are being struck n killed.

I live in the Northeast corridor, one of the largest n most populous in the country.

Headlighting | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)