WHYze!? Events are no longer recording

Is there any option to revert back to the old firmware?
Basically, events are no longer recorded. Despite filing multiple tickets and attempting all suggestions my Wyze is now basically useless.

And it’s obvious Wyze won’t revert their change or admit anything is wrong. What used to be the best value and product simply doesn’t work anymore.
I’m lost without you Wyze!

Yes, you can download the previous firmware and install it from here.

Firmware Downloads Link

Cam Pan Firmware:
Cam Pan Firmware Downloads Link

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Thanks for the tip.
I’m going to try and few settings first and if that don’t work I’ll have to revert to old firmware.

I suspect my issue is because my camera is mounted outside under my eaves and rather far away from the motion. When I removed the camera and walked directly in front, I get the event recordings.
What I’ll try to do is set the detection zone to a very small area and turn of the sensivity.
Will report back.

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