Why wont cameras record simultaneously

I have 4 camera’s on Cam + subscription. What I am consistently seeing is Wyze only records on one camera at a time??? why do I have 4


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Not sure I understand your problem. Are you saying that if multiple cameras have events at the same time, only one will upload to the Wyze servers?

I can tell you that I have 10 cameras that see all or part of my front yard. All have CamPlus. It is not unusual to have as many as a half dozen of them uploading events at the same time. For example if a car pulls into my driveway, eight of the cameras will see and upload some part of the car pulling into the driveway.


I have 2 camera’s that moniter a similar areas for my dogs. yesterday, neither camera recorded the event that I needed. looking back, I can see consistently that only one camera will upload recordings at a time. so i am missing chunks of what is happening.

For example a dog is running loose outside my front fence…a regular occurance, and my dogs loose their minds inside the front fence. the wyze cams will record from my yard, not the dog in the front. even though I watch it live, and it shows the green box triggering recording the loose dog on the front cam. Only one recording shows up, from my yard