Why when I click on a motion notification, it's a 50/50 chance that it will display the event video?

When the app displays a Motion notification on my Android phone, when I click on the notification (on the drop down notification bar) about 50% of the time it will jump to “Live” stream and NOT the 10+ second recorded event video.


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The Wyze app takes you to live stream when you click on a notification for an event that hasn’t finished uploading to the cloud. This functionality is by design at the request of users. When you realize you are viewing live, you should still be able to drag the timeline all the way to the left, i.e., back to the start of the event being uploaded.

That would make sense, but often when it does directly jump to the “play event” scree, it will often give me a “Not uploaded to cloud” error, so I don’t know why it doesn’t redirect me to the live stream as you mention.

And I also get those cloud errors even 15 mins after the event, which is ridiculous to me as a programmer because it seems like the camera will only try once to upload the video and if it fails, it gives up and wont tray again. If this is true then this is a faulty design because a cloud error should RARELY happen because if the upload failed the first time, it should retry a number of times before giving up. And besides, I don’t understand why there would be any long-term upload issues in the first place because I can reliably connect to the camera and see the live stream, so why is the camera having trouble uploading a file??

When you receive this error, it means the cam couldn’t upload the event to the cloud for whatever reason. I don’t know how many times the cam retries before quitting.

Live streaming direct from phone to cam is a different comm path from cam uploading to cloud. There are many reasons why an upload may fail… bandwidth, signal/noise, cloud issues, etc.

What type of cam, app version and cam firmware version are you running?

Thank you for the info - I am a developer, so I do understand all that.

My point was if I am able to connect to the camera directly without an issue, that proves the connection from the camera to the internet is good. So, if there is any issue with uploading the moton event to the cloud, then it’s a problem on wyze’s end.

And if the app is designed to now allow me to view the cloud video until it is completely uploaded from the camera, then it’s not going a great job because 25% of the time I will get that error after clicking on a notification.

I also do have a question when you said “When you realize you are viewing live, you should still be able to drag the timeline all the way to the left, i.e., back to the start of the event being uploaded.” I am a little confused what you mean because when I am viewing “live stream” (because the event video wasn’t fully uploaded yet), there is no “timeline”. The only place I know of is the timeline on the “View Playback” screen - is that what you meant?

I have the Cam Pan V1 with the latest version.

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Sometimes when you click on events the first one will say live meaning it is still in progess . Clicking on it will show the live view with a slider that you can slide back to the beginning of the event.

I would think that events are recorded almost live with a few second buffer to catch what happened immediately before the trigger. If it drops the connection for any reason the event doesn’t close properly and we can’t view it. Events are designed to work without a card so there is no way to resend the event. But I am no expert.