Why we paying and not getting service my camera went off yesterday evening can’t get them to work not showing on my app at all

My camera disappeared last night on my app can’t get them to come on. Makes no sense paying and not getting service. Been having trouble a while.the Chat is a joke why not have a phone number you can call I’m starting to think this place is a scam and we’re getting no service but we pay

Have you tried clearing the app cache?

Is your firmware and app up to date:
What is the app version?
What is the firmware version of the camera?

I’ve not had any issues with my cameras disappearing from the app, but I’m on Android.

I’ve never had this happened before last night I have notification went to look cause i wasn’t home and ask me for my email I put it and nothing happened no camera anymore or anything

Did you make sure you logged in with the correct account you set the cameras up under?

Well I can’t get through that email I got hacked almost 2 years ago. I changed my email never ever had a problem before