Why the difference between webcam and regular camera firmware?

Ok, here’s the deal… I converted a brand new V2 camera to a USB camera using the firmware software that Wyze provided. The first thing that I noted is how bad the resolution and clarity of the picture when viewed on either my iPhone or my iPad pro. I pondered this for a bit then decided to do a test…

I took a screenshot of the photo results of the USB equipped camera and then I re-installed the latest Wyze firmware (keep in mind that these are both software packages). After taking another screenshot with the Wyze firmware re-installed, the resulting difference in resolution is dramatic… (same camera, no hardware changes at all just the firmware changes) The question I have is why so much disparity between the USB firmware and the Wyze firmware??? If resolution and clarity can be altered by a firmware change then why not mimic those settings from the Wyze firmware onto the USB package???

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How are you viewing the USB firmware camera on your phone and tablet?
Does the doftware have options to set the resolution?

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