Why so many wires!?!?

Yikes. Why so many wires when it is simple one stage furnace and AC?

From wire bundle going to thermostat
Blue to C
G to G
Red & Brown to Red
White to white
Yellow to yellow

From additional thermo wire in furnace housing
White to C
Red to Yellow

Not to mention X1 and X2 at existing thermostat!

I’m assuming they had considered additional heat sources when this was wired that they ultimately never did.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I need better/different pics please let me know.

This is a weird one. Had to do a bit of research, and I found that this is an older style of smart thermostat from vantage controls. There should be a device connected to the 24V and X2 and X1 wires called an Q-ETS3 that allows this thermostat to communicate with the rest of the vantage system. I’m assuming that you no longer use that function, so those wires would be unnecessary. I’m not sure what the second wire on the 24V connection is going to - maybe it goes to the furnace board to provide additional power?

The wires you need for the wyze should just be the 24V(C) - blue wire, the R - red wire, the G - green wire, the Y1 - yellow wire, and the W1 - white wire.

You might want to pull slightly on the wires you don’t need to see if they are connected to the device in your wall somewhere - if you ever wanted to go back to the old thermostat for some reason, you don’t want those to fall inside the wall and not be possible to reach, so taping them to the inside of the wall would keep them accessible, if the hole is big enough.


Heh. Wow, that is pretty excellent response. We just moved into this house and it has an old school ‘smart’ system by Vantage! I would never have guessed thermostat was connected to it.
Will do as you suggest. Thanks again for your excellent advice. It is really appreciated!

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This worked perfectly. Much thanks Speadie, for all you do!