Why require base stations

Why do some wifi items require a base station (such as outdoor cam and door lock) while others do not?

There are different reasons.

  • Sometimes a dedicated base station helps preserve the battery life significantly longer with improved stability vs constantly maintaining a Wi-Fi connection. This allows a device to communicate with a hub using lower power protocols, reducing the burden on the batteries.
  • In the case of the WCO’s it also offered a way to have some events stored remotely in certain situations, and would be harder for a trespasser to get to.
  • In the case of the locks, they are connecting to the Gateway through a kind of Zigbee connection and the gateway goes to WiFi, so they aren’t technically connecting by WiFi without the Gateway.
  • Sometimes an intermediary can also help extend the reach of the device farther than if it didn’t have one.
  • A hub or gateway can add security as it acts as a gatekeeper, filtering data coming from resource constrained IoT devices before it goes out to the internet, which can help reduce the attack surface and prevent certain kinds of potential security breaches.

There are other potential reasons, but those are some of the main rationales for using a hub or gateway for IoT devices: Security, manageability, and Efficiency benefits.


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