Why not have camera updates execute AFTER the user closes the view?

User Story: As a consumer of many Wyze cameras, I want to have camera updates done AFTER I am finished viewing the camera, not before, so that I can view the camera for some urgent issue and not have to wait for the update to finish before I view my content, or decline the update and then never have my cameras updated.

Currently all updates are requested of the user when the user opens the app and selects a camera. In my opinion this is the least desirable time to do an update. When I open a camera view, it is usually because I have an alarm, doorbell ring, or some other urgent matter. So I would almost never want to do an update when I am opening a camera view. The result is my cameras never get updated because I am only prompted on opening a camera view.

Instead, why not update AFTER the camera view is closed?

I don’t really consider that to be a big issue - it takes less than a half second to decline the update. Then later at my convenience I go to the firmware update page to update all cameras that have updates pending. I have about 40 Wyze cameras of currently six different types and I am in the beta for all of them, so it’s pretty common to have an update for something.


I can see your point. For some more technically aware users like your self perhaps? And for people who don’t mind waiting for the updates or making time to go and manually update things. This may not be an issue.

But for very impatient people (like me), I don’t really want to be bothered with updates at all. And if I am to consider them, it would be a better experience to simply have them run when I am done using the app and viewing the camera - INSTEAD of making me wait for the update to complete before I can see my view.

You don’t have to wait for it. Simply respond no or cancel or whatever is says (I don’t remember) to NOT do the update at that time. One click and you’re done…

Good afternoon, Dan. Welcome to the forum. You’ll find LOTS of good information and help here, and many people who don’t even work for Wyze yet spend hours on this forum helping folks like me who tend to get confused by this stuff.

You understand Agile user stories (“as a [user] I want [this feature] so that [this beneficial thing can happen]”), so you seem technically-aware enough. I doubt that Wyze is Agile-aware, though; if they were they’d be able to get things, that paying customers have been begging for for years, done a lot faster.

@K6CCC mentions that you can decline the upgrade and circle back later at your convenience, which is good and well if it works, but I’ve run into at least one instance where the upgrade was required and I couldn’t proceed without it. And this was with a brand-new camera right out of the box.

I’ve learned never to “upgrade” to the latest software or device or firmware when it first comes out (everywhere, not just Wyze) unless the upgrade has something I really need right now. Instead I wait a few weeks at least, and monitor places like these forums for feedback from others. So yeah, it’s a bit annoying to have the thing nagging at me to do the upgrade NOW but I just bypass it and come back and do the upgrade when I’m good and ready.

Unfortunately I haven’t had that luxury in Wyze’s case because I’m somewhat under the gun to get this thing working by the end if next week. So, I’ve had to keep up with the upgrades pretty much as soon as they come out.