Why is there a bridge?

The camera has a Wi-Fi radio. Why do I need to connect via a bridge? I know I can set the camera up as a stand-alone AP but I just want it to be a device on my network that I can place where I need it.

Because leaving the WiFi on kills the battery quickly. The base talks to the WCO in some kind of special low power mode and tells it to wake up its full WiFi as needed.

I should still have the option of connecting directly. Is there a technical description of the protocol?

Sorry I don’t know. The FCC filed specs just show 2.4Ghz at very low power. Someone on the forum ran a scan and just saw low bitrate ordinary WiFi traffic. I think someone else noted they were using TKIP instead of AES.

Based on the quoted camera spec I’m starting to think the camera never rises above 40 mW output. Just don’t know how much lower it really gets. Some beta testers here might be able to tell you.

If WYZE did that they would have constant complaints about short battery life.

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