Why is the pan cam the red headed step child?

Why doesn’t it get any love at all? It was one of the original products and it never gets any new features or improvements. It’s so close to being good but it’s been exactly the same since it’s release. Even just limits on the panning would be an easy and massive improvement.

Because Wyze is too interested in pushing other products than software development for older cameras like V2 & Pan Cam.

Myself I am only interested in Wyze Cams and could care less about the other Wyze products. I have 1 Pan Cam, several V2’s and many V3 cameras.

My attraction to Wyze was the price point and quality of cameras in the beginning days of Wyze, but now they only seem interested in pushing out new products over their original inception :cry:

I was interested in the Wyze Cam Outdoor & Wyze Cam Doorbell but reading about all the issues with those I chose to not go down that road…

Actually Wyze did fix a bug with the Pan a while back. I don’t remember if the fix was firmware or app, but they are not completely ignoring the Pan.

And I do agree with bryonhu that Wyze seems to be focusing on subscription service based devices.

Oh well would you look-y there. Someone out there listening? Wyze Cam Pan v2 | Baby Monitor, Pet Camera, Indoor PTZ Security Camera

Can you point to that thread?

I’ve had very little problems with my doorbell. Not saying others are lying just saying mine has worked well.

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