Why is it $33 for shipping and handling for 2 vacs?

just got the confirmation that my 2 vacuums shipped, but $33 shipping and handling! WOW…So, if you order 5 vacuums, you pay $80 shipping and handling

You also pay $1000 for the vacuums. 8% shipping doesn’t seem too unfair.

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I feel like there is a little bit of profit being squeezed outta the shipping costs. when you buy wyze stuff on amazon, land of the free 2 day shipping, they charge you the same as buying on wyze.com

IIRC, it’s a shipping and handling charge, and wyze probably pays a logistics company to take care of it, so the logistics company is going to pocket a portion of the “shipping charge”.

They aren’t just buying a stamp.
None of these couriers drag stuff around the country for free.
The employees that get it ready for shipment work for free.
If you want free shipping the price of the product itself has to go up by about 8%.